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“I hope what we do inspires others to dream more, learn more, and become more.” 

~ Devetta Ridgwell ~

Devetta Ridgwell: Secretary 
Creative Director & Founding Member

Started acting and singing in primary school and continued through high school. Took a hiatus to establish work and family, then took up theatre again in 2012. Now, as an experienced actor, and sometime singer and dancer, founding Halcyon Playhouse was a natural progression. Halcyon Playhouse aims to establish their shows as an experience and think differently about what is taken for granted.

Ideas are born at random. It's learning to express them, that's the challenge.” 

~ Ryan S McNally ~

Ryan S McNally: Treasurer 
Creative Director & Founding Member

Since finding his passion for entertainment in high school, Ryan has taken his love for the industry to a new level. In that time he has become a seasoned performer, producer and director, whilst building additional skills in marketing, photography and costume design, usually wearing multiple hats at once. During this journey, it became apparent that things could be done differently and as a result Halcyon Playhouse was founded to challenge the way audiences experience entertainment, but also to challenge the 'community' of performance art.

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Chantal Wilson: Vice Chair 
Creative Consultant & Founding Member

Since coming to Australia in 2010, Chantal was looking for a different creative outlet to meet new people, have an excuse to sing and act and be in costume. In 2016 she was introduced to theatre and loved it ever since. She mostly keeps herself busy behind the scenes with props, graphic design and creative ideas and input for shows, however you might be seeing more of her on stage in the future. She feels privileged to join the Halcyon Playhouse team as creative consultant.

We want to revive entertainment in a new, creative, unconventional kind of way.” 

~ Chantal Wilson ~

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Paul Reed: Chair 
Marketing Manager & Founding Member

Paul got his first taste of being on stage in high school, and since then it has been difficult to drag him off. Paul’s experience includes multiple stage shows, short films, some singing/dance experience, and has recently extended his skills to marketing. Being part of Halcyon Playhouse has given Paul the chance to be more involved in the creative process offstage, and work towards giving the community a new and exciting entertainment experience.

“Our main goal is to
entertain, and bring new life
to entertainment itself.” 

~ Paul Reed ~

Kellie-Anne Viller
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Nikita Harwood 
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Lee Wilson
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Katherine Tucker 
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